Which Car Body Style is Right for Me?

Which Car Body Style is Right for Me?

With so many options to consider when car shopping, it can be overwhelming at times. So at Fleetwood Car Centre, we make it as simple as possible to drive away in a car which meets all your requirements.

From MPVs and SUVs, to coupes and convertibles, there’s a range of different car body styles out there to suit every taste and lifestyle. But which is right for you?


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It’s clear to see why hatchbacks are such a popular body style in the UK. They offer a great level of practicality and come in all different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for so many different lifestyles. Small hatchbacks are perfect for nipping around town, while larger options are great for families.

The defining feature of a hatchback is its boot, which is found inside the car rather than in a separate compartment like a saloon. A hatchback’s boot lid and rear windscreen open together as one unit, allowing you to get access to the whole rear end of the car.

The hatchback’s compact design makes parking in tight spaces much easier than some other body styles. So for city dwellers or new drivers, a hatchback is well worth considering.

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Thanks to their sophisticated looks and long, sleek silhouette, saloons are often considered to convey prestige.

A defining feature of the saloon is its self-contained boot which is separate from the cabin. Because of this, the interior tends to be quieter than other body styles, which is something your passengers will thank you for. And the elongated design of the saloon allows the front and rear seats to be spaced out for extra legroom, so everyone will travel in comfort.

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Estates are usually based on a saloon or hatchback, but they have a bigger, boxier rear to provide added practicality. Because of this, they make fantastic family cars. From holiday luggage to groceries, an estate can transport cargo with ease thanks to its generous boot space and large load area.

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If space and practicality are at the top of your list of priorities, then an MPV, or ‘multi-purpose vehicle’, could be the ideal body style for you. Available with five or seven seats, MPVs are a great pick for growing families who need a little more room.

With a wide range of layout options inside, the ever-versatile MPV can be adapted to your needs. Sliding, folding, or removable seats offer fantastic practicality and will allow you to make the most of every inch of space available.

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Another popular option for space seekers is an SUV, or ‘sports utility vehicle’. This popular body style is well loved for its rugged looks and premium appeal, not to mention its practicality.

You can expect SUVs to offer comfortable and stable driving, even at motorway speeds, which is a big tick for many motorists.

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If you prioritise style over practicality, then a coupe might just fit the bill. Coupes are generally sportier, and admired for their sleek looks and swooping roofline. The fun-to-drive coupe is perfect if you’re looking to bring some exhilaration to your weekend drives.

Most have two doors, four seats and a lower suspension, although the rear seats are usually better reserved for children rather than adults. What they may lack in practicality, they certainly make up for with style!

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Much like coupes, convertibles will appeal to style-conscious buyers. And with the ability to raise and lower the roof at the push of a button, a convertible will allow you to soak up some rays on sunny days and then cover the roof when the weather turns grey.

So if you’re looking for a car with that wow factor to provide fun over function, a convertible is worth looking into – especially during spring and summer.
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