Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic

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Zappi RT participated in the Junior version of the Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic on Saturday.
The race was over 120km, 200 riders, 33 teams, average speed 43kmh, 8 times over the Nokereberg climb and lots of cobbles.

A great Belgian classic full of thrills, spills, and atmosphere. A big crowd out to watch on a beautiful early spring day.
They say it was a hard race!

We lost three riders (Mark, ben and Harry) and our three finishers (Jacques, Jake and Lewis) were in the bunch. A beautiful race and great experience that preps them for the season ahead. The gang rolls on! 

Results here:

Zappi Results:
44th Jacques Sauvagnarges
63rd Jake Wright
69th LewisHartley
DNF for Mark Donovan / Ben Healy / Harry Gillet

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