Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic

Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic

Zappi RT participated in the Junior version of the Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic on Saturday.
The race was over 120km, 200 riders, 33 teams, average speed 43kmh, 8 times over the Nokereberg climb and lots of cobbles.

A great Belgian classic full of thrills, spills, and atmosphere. A big crowd out to watch on a beautiful early spring day.
They say it was a hard race!

We lost three riders (Mark, ben and Harry) and our three finishers (Jacques, Jake and Lewis) were in the bunch. A beautiful race and great experience that preps them for the season ahead. The gang rolls on! 

Results here:

Zappi Results:
44th Jacques Sauvagnarges
63rd Jake Wright
69th LewisHartley
DNF for Mark Donovan / Ben Healy / Harry Gillet

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