London to Paris Charity Cycle Ride – Fleetwood Car Centre

He did it! Our own charity hero, David Wilson has completed his mammoth ride, raising nearly £3,500 for mental health charity, Mind!

348 miles covered in 4 days, in weather ranging from 40 degree heat to a thunder and lightning storm. David’s own highlights included a sobering and humbling ride through the Somme Valley and his arrival in Paris, cycling along the Champs Elysees, around the Arc de Triumph and to the foot of the Eiffel Tower while the traffic came to a standstill and the crowds cheered them on!

Along the way, David shared some emotional moments with his fellow cyclists who spoke about their stories of what led them to embark on such a challenge for their respective charities.

Here’s David’s story:

More familiar with vehicles of the four-wheeled variety, one of our Fleetwood Car Centre team is set to swap cars for a bicycle when he hits the road en route from London to Paris, later this year.

Following a New Year’s resolution to be more charitable with his time and help raise awareness of those less fortunate, FCC salesman, David Wilson, has been training for the 308-mile cycling challenge which starts on the 25th July. Armed with nothing more than his trusty Ribble R872 road bike, his passport, a couple of cycling jerseys and some shorts, David will spend four days heading south to the French capital. He hopes that his efforts will boost funds for mental health charity, Mind.

With Motivation in Mind

The charity is close to David’s heart, having recently had a family member benefit from the care and attention of mental support workers. “I appreciate that not everybody is so fortunate to have a similar support network so I am hoping to raise as much money as possible for Mind to help continue their invaluable work,” said David.

Having decided to take part in the ride in early February 2018, David’s training efforts have been hindered by poor weather. However, he remained unperturbed and began training in earnest at the beginning of April, undertaking some 20-30 mile rides after work, three times a week. On his days off from Fleetwood Car Centre, David has been completing creditable 60-mile rides. The lighter evenings and better weather will now allow him to increase the distance by ten or 15 miles each time.

David has also had to think about nutrition throughout the challenge. While he would like to think that he will stick to a healthy diet of slow-burning carbs, lean protein and copious amounts of hydrating water, he may give way to temptation with his tried and tested list of comfort food, including bacon butties, cake, coffee and Jelly Babies! Either way, he’ll need to partake of sachets of energy gels to keep him going through four long days of cycling. After each stage, David is hoping to recover by drinking lots of water to prevent cramp, applying anti-chafing cream to avoid saddle soreness and getting a good night’s sleep, ready for the next grueling leg. With temperatures expected to reach 26C as the route approached Paris, the riders will certainly need their rest!

London To Paris Route - Fleetwood Car Centre

First up is a tough first day leg of 95 miles from London to Dover through the pretty Kent countryside, then the cyclists will cross via ferry to Calais. After an overnight stop, they’ll hit the road again, travelling 75 miles through more picturesque landscapes and villages on their way to Arras. David is also hoping that he’ll get chance for some sightseeing along the route, as well as an opportunity to pay his respects at one of the many World War battlefields in Northern France.

After a stopover, the cyclists then head 70 miles, over the river Somme and past some of the most beautiful chateaux in the world. One last overnight pause at Beauvais, and then it’s a straight run of 60 miles to the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris.

Asked whether he had any concerns for the trip, David said: “I only took up cycling 2 years ago and whilst I have already completed 60-80 mile rides it usually takes me 4 or 5 days to recover. Therefore, my biggest concern is having the stamina and fitness to cover up to 95 miles each day over the four day ride. Cycling in a larger group is something I am unfamiliar with and the odd time I have I haven’t really been comfortable with it.”

In fact, of the 100 riders braving the route with David, he only knows one other cyclist, his friend Adam, who is also riding for a worthy cause – SANDS, an organisation that supports parents following stillbirth and neonatal death. Last year, kindhearted David also successfully completed a local 50 mile charity ride for The Cystic Fibrosis Charity.

Sweet Smell of Success

On successfully completing the challenge, there will surely be some reward awaiting the pair in Paris, aside from the huge sense of achievement from reaching their respective fundraising targets. “I would ordinarily have a large beer,” said David, “but as I haven’t touched alcohol for nine months, I’ll celebrate by watching the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris on the 29th of July instead. It’ll be interesting to see how the professionals do it!”

David is also looking forward to making his way back home after the excitement of the ride, no doubt eager for a bit of R&R. “Skyline Tours and Events have organized for us to come back via train which will actually be my first time on Eurostar,” he said.

Once recovered from the London to Paris ride, David says that he’ll be looking to plan his next challenge, possibly that of the Coast to Coast ride. Stretching 190 miles from Whitehaven in Cumbria to Sunderland in Tyne and Wear, this will be another creditable achievement.

If you’d like to sponsor David for his valiant cycling efforts, please visit his Just Giving page, here or pop into our Fleetwood showroom to offer some encouragement and wish him luck. You’ll be able to follow David’s progress via our social media pages. Watch this space!

Ford Car Range at Fleetwood Car Centre

Ford has been a mainstay of Britain’s car industry for over a century, their cars first making the trip across the Atlantic in 1903.

Nowadays, Ford is the most popular manufacturer in the UK with its cars accounting for over 12% of all sales.

Ford sells just about every variety of car you could ever want or need, and at Fleetwood Car Centre, we’ve got some fantastic examples for sale. Read on to find out more.



Small Cars 

Ford’s small car range currently features three cars; the B-Max.

The Ka is Ford’s smallest car, yet it’s second oldest in the small car range, having turned 21 this year. Its big brother, the Fiesta being the only older model, having been in production for 41 years.

The current Fiesta range features a number of small, efficient engines from a 70PS 1.1-litre petrol engine to a 125PS 1.5-litre turbo-diesel. There’s also a diverse range of nine different Fiesta models, including Ford’s new premium trim – Vignale.

The B-Max is Ford’s smallest MPV offering – based on stretched Fiesta underpinnings, this budget family car offers petrol or diesel engines, options of manual/automatic and three different variants: the Zetec Navigator, Titanium Navigator and Titanium X Navigator. It’s also taller than a Fiesta, meaning more headroom as well as the extra legroom afforded by the stretched floorplan. Sliding rear doors and no B-pillar means the B-Max is ideal for families – there’s plenty of space and getting in and out couldn’t be any easier. A low boot lip and a large, square opening means loading the boot couldn’t be simpler.


Large Cars & People Carriers

Ford’s large car and people carrier range extends to nine unique models – one hatchback, three MPVs, two SUVs, two vans and a saloon/estate.

The Ford Focus is not just Ford’s only large hatchback – it’s also the third best-selling car in the UK. Now in its 19th year – the Focus is noted for its excellent ride quality and spacious interior. Should you wish to achieve maximum economy with minimal emissions – the 95PS 1.5-litre TDCi should tick all the boxes.

The C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy make up the Ford MPV range with the C-Max being the smaller of the three and the Galaxy being the range-topper. Each offer a range of petrol and diesel engines and can be specified with either a manual or automatic gearbox. The C-Max is based on the third-generation Focus, so is a more compact MPV with a starting price of £19,995, whereas the S-Max (starting from £26,445) and the Galaxy (from £27,995) both utilise the same underpinnings as the Mondeo. This allows for a more spacious interior, extra luggage capacity and a more relaxed ride quality. The two bigger cars have a range of 6 engines, with each having four diesel options and two petrols. The smaller C-Max however, makes do with three diesel variants and the two petrols.

Ford’s Mondeo is celebrating its 25th year of production and in its two and a half decades, it has become almost ubiquitous. A fleet favourite – the Mondeo offers a spacious cabin, supple, yet surefooted handling and enough technology and performance to keep you entertained. There’s an extensive range of engine choices too, so there’s a Mondeo for everyone!




Ford have a range of four SUVs – from the Ecosport to the pickup truck Ranger, there’s something for everyone. The Kuga sits in the middle with the Edge in the range, though priced from £21,895, it is a more reasonably priced option than the Edge. Kuga’s are available in FWD or if you fancy doing some real off-roading, AWD. There’s choices of petrol or diesel and manual or automatic. The Edge has a number of engine and specification choices but all UK models come with AWD.

The Ranger is the largest vehicle in the Ford range, seating five in the cab and offering plenty of space in the pickup bed for your storage. There are only two different engines for the Ranger – a 2.2-litre TDCi and the 200PS 3.2-litre TDCi.


The Focus ST is currently the performance car entry point for Ford – starting at £24,415, this 250PS hatchback is the younger brother of the wild, all-wheel drive 350PS Focus RS. The engine is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, rather than the 2.3-litre item found under the bonnet of the RS. The ST makes do with FWD, making it less complex and easier to use everyday. The RS is the ultimate expression of a Focus – massive power, huge grip, a drift mode and wild body styling ensure that you’re never going under the radar. 350PS, all-wheel drive grip and a ‘drift mode’ ensure that few rivals will beat it in a straight line or be as fun in the corners. This is Ford’s most extreme and performance-oriented Focus to date.

The Mustang is enjoying its first official spell as a UK car. Though this iconic American muscle car is now in its 52nd year of production, it has never been produced in right-hand drive or for the global market. The latest version is available in the UK with either a 314PS, 2.3-litre turbocharged Ecoboost engine or the true beating heart of any Mustang – a V8. Specifically, a 5.0-litre item with Ti-VCT (Ford’s Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing system) for the first time. This engine is significantly smaller than most of its rivals, but thanks to clever engineering and new technologies, it manages to produce similar power.

The GT is Ford’s supercar offering – based on the original Le-Mans winning GT40 and its successor – the first generation Ford GT, this latest model elevates performance to a whole new level. The new car takes much of its engineering and technology from racing cars; the pushrod suspension is straight from top-level racing, likewise the carbon monocoque chassis and carbon body panels. Active aerodynamics and a twin-turbo V6 are some of the stand-out features of the GT, with both being firsts in a Ford supercar. The lack of a ‘True American’ naturally-aspirated V8 was met with skepticism, however, the 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 produces 647hp and a thumping 550lb/ft of torque. Combine this with the low weight achieved through their use of exotic materials and you have a car that can accelerate with such ferocity, you might be left gasping for breath!


See which of the Ford cars from Fleetwood Car Centre you’d like to drive home in the most by clicking here.


Effects of Proposed A585 Bypass

Much Needed Changes To The A585 Are On The Way…

As a business located adjacent to the A585, at Fleetwood Car Centre, we couldn’t help notice that this main thoroughfare linking our town with the M55 has suffered from congestion problems for a long time.  Thankfully, work is soon due to begin to address the issue and you’ll be able to visit Fleetwood Car Centre even more easily.

The decision has been made to upgrade the A585 between Windy Harbour and Skippool as part of a £6.4million scheme to beat congestion on the Northwest’s roads.  As yet, it has not been decided whether this will involve improvements to the existing A585 or if a bypass will be constructed.


Reduced Traffic Is Good News For Commuters

For anyone that travels on this busy road, either option will enhance your journey.  At rush hour the A585 gets particularly busy and any commuters should find better access following the planned improvements, meaning less time queuing to get to work, to drop off children at school or to visit local businesses.   

The priorities of the scheme are to reduce journey times as well as increase safety and make the road more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.


Looking At The Options

While the proposed bypass would be the most expensive option, it appears to offer more benefits in the long term when compared to simply improving the current A585.  The creation of a new bypass will obviously reduce the number of vehicles on the A585 substantially, allowing better access for local traffic and encouraging through traffic away from neighbourhood facilities.  Additionally, construction of the bypass can be carried out while the current road remains in use, so this will limit disruption to drivers and local residents.  


Improving The Existing Road

If  the option to upgrade the A585 is chosen, rather than the new bypass, you should expect substantial disruptions throughout the works.  Improvements to the existing road will involve making Garstang Road into a dual carriageway from Windy Road to Little Singleton with the addition of a large roundabout and may result in diversions along surrounding roads.


Creating A Bypass

If the bypass option is chosen, this will run from the Windy Harbour junction, south of Little Singleton and then connect to the existing road near Skippool Bridge.  The finer points have yet to be decided.


Will This Affect You?

If you live near the A585 or the route of the proposed bypass, you may want to take a look at the consultation material and keep abreast of developments as plans emerge.  It seems that with both options, some residents will have increased traffic noise while others will find things a little quieter.  For all users, however, getting in and out of Fleetwood is going to be easier, and if this is a route that you drive, walk or cycle along, you’ll find your journey much improved.


When Will This Happen?

Despite having secured funding, no firm decision has yet been made as to which option will be implemented, so, at the time of writing, schedules are not in place.  However, as with any major construction work of this type, it’s going to take some time.  It’s thought that for a bypass, construction will begin in March 2020 and will be completed in 2 years, with an estimated completion time of 18 months if the A585 road improvement option is chosen.

Hopefully, the faster journey times and other improvements will be worth the wait and any inconvenience we experience during the construction of the new roads.


Business As Usual At Fleetwood Car Centre

We promise that the works won’t affect access to Fleetwood Car Centre, so you can still drop in to take a look our latest range of used cars at competitive prices or give us a call on 01253 770073. Once the roadworks are complete, you’ll find visiting us a breeze!

Fleetwood Town End Season On A High

Fleetwood Town’s Best Season Yet?

After finishing 19th in the 2015/2016 season, Fleetwood Town FC had a lot of work to do to get back on track. In their past five seasons, the club managed to achieve the enviable feat of being promoted twice and landing themselves in League One.

Over the course of the 46 games in League One this season, the Cod Army fought their way to a fourth place finish and as such, a place in the play-off semi-final against Bradford. The first leg of the play-off takes place on Thursday May 4th away from home and the return leg at Highbury is only three days later.

Fleetwood’s away record throughout the season has been impressive, winning nearly as many games on the road as they have at home. This has grown the confidence of the fans and the team, and a strong finish to the season is the result of this.

Defensively, Fleetwood Town is joint second best in the league – a huge improvement on last season and a sign of things to come if the saying ‘build from the back’ is to be believed. Two out of the three teams that finished higher actually let in more goals than the Cod Army over the course of the season, though there is a need for scoring more goals. Only one Fleetwood player made it into the top 20 scorers list this season, though this does mean that the team  doesn’t solely rely on one or two players to score their goals, which is a great foundation to build on.

Looking at the season as a whole, Fleetwood Town could only realistically have done better in around 20 of their games. Of these 20, seven were losses by only one goal, indicating that even in some losing games, the Cod Army’s defence remained strong. With the addition of a few extra goals a possibility, it’s certainly food for thought regarding achievements next season.

Manager Uwe Rosler, speaking about the season as a whole, said: “I think the club has accelerated at an unbelievable tempo over the years but especially in the last eight or nine months”. He went on to say that the team needs to reflect and see what they can do next season as their achievements so far have been unthinkable for the club.

Though Fleetwood Town did well to reach the third round of the Emirates FA Cup, defeat to Bristol City meant that was the end of the road for the Cod Army’s cup aspirations in mid-January. It is worth mentioning, however, that Bristol are from the league above, yet only managed a 1-0 victory over the Cod Army in the second leg.

There was some joy in the FA Cup though, as the home games against Shrewsbury and Southport were two of Fleetwood Town’s highest scoring games this season, picking up seven goals over the two fixtures and giving the fans a real spectacle.

With only the play-off semi-finals and hopefully the final ahead of them, Rosler appealed to the fans on Monday to provide the same level of support against Bradford as they did against Port Vale. His eyes are on a trip to Wembley and promotion, which after less than 12 months in the job would be an incredible achievement.

Fleetwood Car Centre would like to extend its best to Uwe Rosler and the rest of the Cod Army as they head into the first leg of the play-off semi-final on Thursday. We hope to see you at Wembley on May 20th!


Don’t forget to pop into our showroom after the next game to celebrate the Cod Army’s next win by buying one of our brilliant used cars! We hope to be celebrating along with you.  

Should Pavement Parking Be Banned? | Fleetwood Car Centre

If one problem pits drivers directly against pedestrians more than any other, it’s pavement parking.

To some pedestrians who regularly find their path blocked by cars, vans or trucks obstructing their route, it’s a scourge which means they have to take their life into their own hands in negotiating the vehicle that’s in their way.

Meanwhile, many drivers say that, as more cars have to fight for space in often narrow side streets which were never designed to accommodate the number of cars which are now on our roads, parking their cars partly on a pavement is the only way they can all find a space. You might be surprised to learn that in London, pavement parking has actually been banned for 40 years. But now, many councils have come together under the banner of their umbrella body, the Local Government Association, to call for that ban to be extended right across the country.

As things stand, says the LGA, doing that would be expensive and time-consuming, and would involve councils having to take out individual traffic orders covering a small number of streets at a time – but these take at least two years to be introduced, and that’s assuming that no one objects to what’s being proposed. So, if you’ve ever wondered why the problem isn’t solved by councils taking action, there’s your main reason.

The most recent estimate for the number of cars on the UK’s roads was 25.8million, in 2015. And that figure is reckoned to be rising by nearly 600,000 a year. While the northwest has only seen the fourth fastest rate of that growth – from three million in 2011, to 3.2 million in 2015 – it’s obvious that this extra 200,000 or so vehicles still have to squeeze onto roughly the same amount of road as before.


Trouble Afoot

Here around Wyre and the Fylde Coast the problem is made worse by large numbers of visitors to the area, many of whom look for on-street parking so they can avoid having to pay to park.

And while most do try to leave their vehicles so that they don’t cause an obstruction, groups representing the disabled and elderly in particular say it’s a growing problem which puts many pedestrians’ safety at risk.

The Blackpool Gazette recently spoke to one long-standing campaigner, who said the problem has got much worse in recent years. Carole Holmes, who lives on the South Shore, has been hurt herself while trying to navigate around obstacles with her guide dog. She is now trying to bring together the Community Partnerships on both the South and North Shores to campaign for action to tackle the problems.

Carole told the Gazette: “I have been a guide dog owner for 28 years and enjoyed walking safely around Blackpool until five years ago, when pavements became difficult to negotiate safely.

“Now myself and my dog Inca regularly have to walk in the road because the pavements are blocked with cars, which sometimes reach overhanging branches.”

One of the worst problems for Carole – and Inca – is wing mirrors left sticking out on parked cars, which have been known to cause a nasty bruise.

She is now campaigning for a law to keep the first four feet of any pavement from the wall or fence clear for pedestrians to move around safely. The national Guide Dogs charity is also on the case, having launched a petition in February 2017 asking the Government to bring in new laws banning pavement parking. You can find out about the Street’s Ahead campaign’s progress here.

The Guide Dogs charity has carried out its own research which has found that 97 per cent of blind or partially sighted people encounter problems with street obstructions, and nine out of 10 of those had experienced trouble with a car parked on a pavement.

But there’s one day every week when the problems are so bad that Carole is reluctant to venture out for much of the day – and that’s bin collection day. On such days, she said: “I have to wait until the afternoon to venture out, as the empty bins are left strewn on the pavements and sometimes they have been blown over.

“Cars drive up on the pavements and park in front of myself and my dog, and on occasions doors have been opened and hit my dog.”


Campaign Groups Recognise The Dangers

Back on the national level, the LGA is sympathetic to the plights of pedestrians and several other special interest groups which have raised the issue in recent months – including guide dog trainers in Shropshire, and childminders in Worcester.

Local Government Association’s Transport spokesman, Martin Tett, told the Mirror: “Local authorities need this power to respond to concerns raised by their communities, for example if a street is becoming dangerously congested or pedestrians are being forced to step out into the street to get round parked vehicles.

“This is particularly dangerous for blind or partially sighted people and mums and dads with prams.”

He also raised the issue of the damage pavement parking causes, saying that local authorities have limited funds to repair damaged kerbs, verges and pavements – and the money would be better used to help plug a £12 billion roads repair bill. Drivers’ campaign groups the AA and the RAC are also putting on a united front and getting behind the push to crack down on the problem.

AA president Edmund King contended that some drivers may think they are helping the traffic flow by getting onto the pavement, although he also conceded: “Too often little to no consideration is given to how someone in a wheelchair or a parent with a child in a buggy will pass their vehicle.”

However, he said his organisation “cautiously welcomes this measure, but a thorough investigation of roads must happen before any implementation takes place.”

Finally, a spokesman for the Department for Transport, which is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our traffic, and funding major road improvement schemes, told the Mirror: “We recognise the importance of making sure that pavement parking doesn’t put pedestrians at risk and believe councils are best-placed to make decisions about local restrictions.

“Councils already have the power to ban drivers from using pavements and we are looking at whether more can be done to make it easier for them to tackle problem areas.”

So it looks as though there could be moves afoot to deal with the issue – but finding a solution which is acceptable to everyone is sure to be tricky, and the road to a solution could be every bit as tricky to negotiate as one full of parked cars.

What’s the parking situation like where you live? Would you welcome a pavement parking ban, or is it necessary to mount the kerb to stop the roads getting clogged up? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page.


New VED Rules Make It Pay To Buy Used – Fleetwood Car Centre

Changes to car tax – or, to give it its official name, Vehicle Excise Duty – came into effect from 1 April 2017, with quite a fanfare.

The new rules have had many in the new car trade mounting major offensives to tell customers about the changes, especially as they will have implications on the price, and continuing running costs, of every new car sold in the UK which emits even the tiniest amount of carbon dioxide.

But here’s the key – the only vehicles affected are those registered as new for the first time after 1 April 2017. And when additional charges come into effect for brand new diesel cars in April 2018, these too will only apply to those registered after April 2018.

This new change sees drivers of brand new diesel cars (at least those that don’t comply to the very strict Euro 6 standards under real-world testing – and that’s most of them) having to pay an additional band of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). The bands are based on CO2 emissions which are generally lower for diesel cars than for petrol alternatives so this new charge aims to bring charges for diesels in line with those of petrol engines.


The Flashier The Car – The Higher The Tax

As a reminder, the current rates for cars registered after 1 April 2017 were revised to better reflect lower CO2 emissions that are generally found in today’s cars. There’s also an extra premium of £310 a year for the first five years facing anyone lucky enough to be able to pay more than £40,000 for a spanking new motor.

However, these bands did not take into account the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions that are generally more associated with diesel cars and have been blamed for poor air quality. Hence the additional charges being introduced in April 2018.

CO2 emission (g/km)

Payment in 1st year

(Petrol registered from 01/04/17 & Diesel registered 01/04/17 – 31/03/18 or registered from 01/04/18 to Euro 6 emission standards)

Payment in 1st year

(Diesel registered from 01/04/18 and not to Euro 6 emission standards)





































Over 255



Because it only affects any driver putting down their money for models registered since April 2017 (or April 2018 for the additional diesel charge), the new system of VED payments has been widely called a ‘showroom tax’. Even a car in the under-100g/km band (free to tax for cars registered prior to April 2017) now attracts at least some annual charge. Those which before cost nothing to tax, will now attract a first-year charge of between £10 and £140, with the standard annual flat rate of £140 being paid each year after that.

By changing the VED system in this way, the government’s intention was to make people really think about the level of emissions that their car is contributing to the environment as well as the amount of tax they can afford to pay. So it hopes buyers will make these factors a more important part of their calculations whenever they’re buying a new car.

Not only this, but it’s also been shown that, since Gordon Brown last overhauled the VED system, the government has been losing revenue as people have switched to less polluting cars which attract a lower rate of tax. The government itself has admitted that its revenue from VED fell by £93million in the year to the end of March 2016.


Buying Used Avoids A Tax Hit

But there’s one obvious way you can avoid this big financial hit, of course and that’s to look into buying a used model of the car you really want – one that was registered before April 2017 or, you can still avoid the additional extra band charge on a diesel car if you buy one registered before April 2018.

Yes, you’ll still have to pay road tax to drive legally, but there’s no extra first-year VED to pay on top of all the other big sums you have to splash out when you choose a new car. Instead, the amount you pay is, as before, a single annual sum based on the old bands, which are as follows, provided the vehicle you choose was first registered between 1 March 2001 and 30 March 2017:



CO2 emission (g/km)

Single 12 month payment

Single 12 month payment by Direct Debit

Total of 12 monthly instalments by Direct Debit

Single 6 month payment

Single 6 month payment by Direct Debit


Up to 100




















































































Over 255






*Group K includes cars with CO2 emissions of over 225g/km which were registered before 23 March 2006.


Massive Choice Of Used Cars

These days, you’ve got almost as wide a choice of used cars as you have completely new ones – not to mention a vast array of places from which to buy them. So if there’s a car you’ve really set your heart on, it should be available somewhere.

Alternatively, you could put Fleetwood Car Centre’s more than 25 years’ experience to use, to help you find the model you really want – all without that nasty initial shock of a showroom tax to contend with!

One thing’s for sure – what with the likelihood of your car losing its value more slowly than if you’d bought it new, and the knowledge that it’s been carefully chosen by the people you buy from – as they have a long-standing good name in the business to uphold – there are plenty of good reasons to make a quality used car your first choice.

Yet you’ll still have a variety of competitive car finance packages, making it possible for you to afford the car you really want – with no big hurdles standing between you and driving away in it!

As the car tax changes bed in, it’s likely that it will become more cost-effective for manufacturers to design and make cars which have CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km. As demand for them picks up, they’re likely to become cheaper to build and only by producing more of these less polluting cars will the necessary cuts in carbon dioxide produced by our vehicles be possible.


Who Will The Tax Changes Benefit?

The government claims it’ll be all of us. That’s because it’s said it will put the extra money raised into a pot to be used to pay for maintaining our main roads and motorways. But there are some doubts that there will be enough incentives for people to opt for a new car.

This is why there’ll continue to be a healthy market for all used cars, like those proudly sold at Fleetwood Car Centre, for a good while yet!

Just remember, VED or road tax, is a fact of life for all drivers, and is sure to be around in some form for ever. When you pick a used car, it’s one of the outgoings that’s easy for you to work out, and budget for, safe in the knowledge that it is currently less than that of a new car.

All of the car tax rates for the used cars we sell are clearly shown in the details of the vehicles given on our website. So you can browse through them at your leisure, and find exactly how much you’ll pay, with no nasty up-front shocks. That’s the benefit of buying a quality used car from Fleetwood Car Centre!


The Zappi at Guido Reybrouck Classic

The Zappi RT participated in the 12th Guido Reybrouck Classic on Sunday.

The race was over 129km, 197 riders, 33 teams, average speed 41kmh, with 10km of cobbles.

This race is a precursor to the Junior Paris-Roubaix as the terrain and level of the race is similar.

Several other British Teams were invited including two regional teams (South East and Central) and the HMT and Backstedt teams.

The SE regional team included 3 riders from the Great Britain Junior Academy, including Cyclo-Cross World Champion Thomas Pidcock.

The race set off very fast and the peloton split up after 10km with a brutal 25mph cross wind. After this point the race began to settle and the peloton re-grouped.

We had all six riders in the peloton up to 90km at which point Harry lost contact but carried on to the finish circuit.

The end of the race involved riding 6 x 6km finishing loops that passed through the finishing line in Damme. With two laps to go, Ben Healy dropped back but still managed to finish in 62nd place.

The remaining 4 riders of Jacques, Mark, Jake and Lewis were active at the business end of the race, trying to break away and they all had some success with this task finishing as follows.

Zappi Results:
14th Jake Wright
16th Jacques Sauvagnarges
17th Mark Donovan
23rd Lewis Hartley (3rd first year)
62nd Ben Healy
Harry Gillet DNF

Full results here:

Video Link Here:

Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic

Zappi RT participated in the Junior version of the Nokere Koerse Danilith Classic on Saturday.
The race was over 120km, 200 riders, 33 teams, average speed 43kmh, 8 times over the Nokereberg climb and lots of cobbles.

A great Belgian classic full of thrills, spills, and atmosphere. A big crowd out to watch on a beautiful early spring day.
They say it was a hard race!

We lost three riders (Mark, ben and Harry) and our three finishers (Jacques, Jake and Lewis) were in the bunch. A beautiful race and great experience that preps them for the season ahead. The gang rolls on! 

Results here:

Zappi Results:
44th Jacques Sauvagnarges
63rd Jake Wright
69th LewisHartley
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Cod Army on a roll

It’s a great time to be a follower of the Cod Army, as our footballing neighbours make great strides in League One, and put themselves in a strong position to seal a seventh promotion in just over a decade.

One of the questions which fans started to ask after boss Uwe Rosler picked up the League One Manager of the Month award for January would have been: will we now see the dreaded ‘curse’ which is often associated with teams straight after their bosses pick up the award strike?

And so far, the answer has been a definite ‘no’.

The 48-year-old earned the accolade after guiding the team to an impressive start to the year as Fleetwood went undefeated and won four of their opening five league games in January. On hearing he’d won the award, Rosler commented: We have to keep the standards high and keep the players on their toes. We need to keep progressing and developing our style of play to give ourselves more options without losing what already works for us.”

As a sign of how quickly time passes, the recent home fixture with Northampton Town was the first return meeting for Rosler since taking charge at Highbury last July.


Getting Noticed

German Rosler has become something of a hot property recently, which shouldn’t be surprising given Town’s terrific form, which has seen them go 16 games without defeat. National tabloid press speculation late in January even linked him with the vacancy to manage the Norwegian national side, The Sun being among those who reported that Rosler was being lined up for the job, which would have seen him return to the country in which he ended his playing career.

But the former Manchester City playing favourite and Brentford, Wigan and Leeds manager seems to have settled well into the Highbury manager’s seat. According to local reports, he’s even managing to avoid the distractions which inevitably come with being in charge of a team whose success is starting to be noticed well beyond the Fylde coast and even the north-west.

With less than a third of the season to go, Fleetwood had hit the heady heights of second place in League One. It’s certainly a far cry from six seasons ago, when the team was still playing in the National League, and even now, Rosler is dismissing any talk of promotion – at least until his team has amassed 63 points. While this would represent the record for the club to date in League One, it’s a tally which wouldn’t have even earned them a place in the top half of the table at the end of the 2015-16 season.


David’s Eye View

Our man on the spot, David Wilson, was keen to update us on how he’s seen the side progress in the middle third of the season, and leave themselves looking forward to yet another potentially exciting season run-in, with plenty still to be played for.

“I would have taken league safety this season, so anything higher than that would be a bonus,” he said.

“But as we get to the ‘business end’ of the season you can sense a growing anticipation that maybe – just maybe – we can push on and get yet another promotion.

“We have become a very difficult side to beat and have found a formula for getting a result even when possibly not playing at our best. That is testament to the work that Uwe and the boys are putting in day in, day out on the training ground.”

David isn’t too worried about the prospect of another nervous run-in, but said: “Ideally automatic promotion would settle the nerves, but if I could guarantee a play-off final win at Wembley over Bolton Wanderers that would be my dream end to the season!”


Follow A Winning Team

As part of the team’s efforts to get more people behind their push towards another possible step up the league, the Cod Army club shop is currently running a series of offers on 2016-17 season team shirts, including the red and white home version being sold for £20 – that’s half its regular price.

Meanwhile, in the light of an expected high level of interest from fans wanting to attend the home game against near-neighbours and promotion rivals Bolton Wanderers on 11 March, the club issued a statement  which urged Bolton fans without a ticket for match not to go along on the day. After selling out its initial allocation of just over 1,200 tickets, Fleetwood released a further 120 seats and about 30 standing tickets for sale to visiting fans.

Meanwhile, the usual policy of only selling tickets in the home sections of the ground to members, anyone who has previously bought tickets for a game at Highbury, or anyone who can provide proof that their home address is within the FY postcode area, will apply.

Town offers three different levels of club membership, with discounted prices for under-12s and under-16s, in addition to the full price. For this, holders get priority access to tickets for games the club considers to be high-profile.

Behind the scenes, the club has run a number of successful ‘Sign & Dine’ events at its Crossbar Grill this season, the most recent of which featured guest appearances from Ash Hunter and Nathan Pond, who ate with young fans, and even – if the picture on Facebook is to be believed – helped with cleaning duties in the kitchen afterwards!


Fans’ Rallying Cry

Some Cod Army fans have also been taking to social media to urge fellow local residents to get behind their team as the season heads towards the decisive last third. One, Charles Odenwalder, issued this rallying cry, via Facebook: “What more can [club owner] Andy Pilley do to get people to come and watch Great Football[?] He has put that many affordable offers on the table, and we still get [the lowest average attendances for home matches in League One]. Come get behind the Lads. You would be there if we got to the Championship.”

And on the subject of another possible promotion, the club has now posted preliminary details of the 2017-18 season schedule, which could be useful to anyone already planning for possibly the club’s first appearance in the second tier of English football.

The weekend of 4-6 August could be a key one in the club’s history, as it will see the first round of matches take place in all three EFL divisions. Meanwhile, another busy Christmas/New Year period looks in prospect, with four rounds of games planned for between 23 December 2017 and 1 January 2018.

All told, it’s an exciting time for our neighbours, and it definitely helps the local feelgood factor to see so many happy faces around the area on match days. We’re certainly ‘living the dream’ along with the players, management and staff – long may their successful run continue!


We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the 2016-17 season will end in success for Fleetwood Town FC. Whether you’re a regular at Highbury Stadium, or don’t follow the team, you’ll find one of the best choices of used cars in Blackpool and the Fylde just a few streets away from the ground at Fleetwood Car Centre. So why not call in and see us?