Car Aftersales Service Blackpool, Fleetwood


At Fleetwood car centre we offer used car servicing for Lancashire at competitive prices.

Our after sales care is one of our main priorities. We have a team of highly trained technicians on site, whose latest technology and equipment will bring you the best service available.

Our Service Manager is on site five days a week and is available to accommodate your requirements and to offer service advice or quotations. His extensive knowledge, commitment and management training ensures that you receive the highest quality service.

To schedule an MOT, diagnostic, repair or any level of service, why not contact our Service Department for a competitive quote!

For further information please ask a member of the sales team.


If the vehicle no longer has the balance of a manufacturers warranty remaining your new car will come with a 3000 mile/3 month warranty. You have the option to extend this warranty period for up to 2 years.

6 / 12 / 24 month Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (Warranties) cover ALL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL components against failure.*

Extra Benefits of an extended warranty include:

  • Day one cover
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Unlimited claims
  • Replacement vehicle hire
  • No excess

*The components covered and extra benefits are subject to terms and conditions as described in the policy booklet and are also subject to certain limitations.

For further information please ask a member of the sales team.

GardX Vehicle Protection System

The Problem

In today's harsh environment your vehicle's exterior and interior endures daily attack from any number of weather borne and human factors.

Due to government legislation manufacturers now have to use water-based paints, which whilst being environmentally safe and friendly are far more prone to fading and oxidisation. As a consequence, your vehicle's paintwork is constantly under threat from harmful elements like road salt, detergent, tree sap, industrial fallout, acid rain and the sun's powerful UV rays. This regular surface erosion means that your paintwork needs protection if you want to retain that 'like-new' showroom appearance.

Also, the problem with modern wax polishes is they simply do not last, every time you wash your vehicle with detergent you wash away a layer of protection.

The Solution

The GardX Vehicle Protection System with Nano technology forms a highly resilient protective coating over your paintwork that shields it from these harmful elements and provides a high gloss showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash.

Car Exterior / Paint Protection

The Gardx revolutionary 2 Stage paint protection system permanently etches 4 layers of protective sealant in to the core of your cars paintwork. It has been tested in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Stage 1

This powerful formulation employing Nano technology penetrates into the molecules of the paintwork preparing it for the final sealant and protection with Stage 2.

Stage 2

Permanently bonds to the Stage 1 creating a protective coating on the paintwork like a second skin which resists attack and contamination from pollutants and road grime.

Once the 2 stage system has been applied it shields against the effects of the suns UV rays, acid rain, sea and road salt and provides a high gloss finish which retains its appearance wash after wash. With regular Conserver maintenance you may never need to polish your car again for the duration of the guarantee.


Formulated from Stage 1 & 2, Conserver assists in maintaining the GardX protection.

It should be applied monthly as a wash additive.

Car Interior Protection

Our superb products are designed to protect all interior fabrics and leathers from spillages and staining thus allowing the interior to maintain a just like new look, they smell good too!

Stain Guard

GardX ‘Stain Guard’ is a ‘state of the art’ formulation that coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier that protects
against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime.  Liquid spillage either passes straight through the weave without staining or simply ‘beads
up’ and can be removed by wiping off with a clean cloth or vacuuming away.

Leather Guard

An exclusive leather treatment which seals the hide but still allows it to breathe. Leather Guard protects against stains, dirt and liquid spills at the same time moisturising the leather to retain that supple natural look and feel.